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Custom OEM software in weeks not years and without the major expense, time and risk of developing software from scratch.
Software makes the product.
Users interface with it, hardware is controlled by it, complicated tasks are simplified by it, and analytical results are calculated and graphed by it. Without software there are no modern scientific or metrology instruments.
Unfortunately instrument software is not easy to develop and maintain. Expertise is rare, and requires a combination of software and technical skills only found in highly trained individuals. This combination of product criticality, difficulty to develop and rarity of talent can present a barrier to develop of new product.
APRE’s 64bit framework speeds the development of OEM software, including the integration of custom hardware, data acquisition techniques, analysis and user interface. Its modular framework with access to custom modules minimizes error propagation as seen in monolithic software packages and provides entry points where your proprietary value can be easily added.
REVEAL, APRE’s interferometer data acquisition and control software, can also be modified to meet your OEM interferometer requirements.
We look forward to discussing your OEM software requirements.
Contact us today to explore the possibilities.

Or Click Here to view a brief movie describing ÄPRE’s REVEAL software.

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