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Measure…click REPORT, it's that easy!
Use built in standard reports or create a report library with the simple HTML editor.
Consistency and simplicity…
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Moves into the future without losing the past
Its modern user interface is clean, without over lapping windows getting in the way. Yet feel right at home with measurement controls in the upper left hand corner.
Add .dat format compatibility plus modern .h5 file formats, and see how REVEAL brings modern benefits yet maintains compatibility with your historic records.
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A Complete Metrology Package
ÄPRE Vibration Tolerant Data Acquisition AND Vibration Insensitive Carrier Fringe is standard with REVEAL™
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Selected Parameters
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Directly Interface to your present OEM system
Works with standard hardware interfaces found on in-house, Durango™ and Intelliwave™ run systems.
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64-bit REVEAL™ is positioned for the future
Run on any 64-bit Windows® OS, preferred by modern hardware drivers
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