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Mesa Photonics Overview
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Mesa Photonics from Santa Fe develops and manufactures advanced ultrafast laser pulse measurement systems. The standard systems measure a wide variety of laser pulses and are field upgradeable, providing a considerable value to the cost conscious researcher. For non-standard ranges, Mesa Photonics offers custom pulse measurement systems.
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FROGscan is the best value in Ultrafast Laser Pulse Measurement
The FROGscan is an ultrafast laser pulse measurement system of high  precision. It is versatile, adaptable and easy to use. With a FROGscan,  you can tweak a laser system or measure highly chirped pulses to  calculate the amount of dispersion compensation you might need for  recompression. Measure a short pulse that has been chirped out to  several picoseconds, or measure pulses as short as 12 fs in real-time.  FROGscan measures the most complex pulses of any pulse measurement  system on the market.
The recently improved FROGscan pulse measurement system can measure  pulses from 450 nm to 1800 nm and from 12 fs long to 10’s of  picoseconds. The high speed translation stage coupled with our  VideoFROGscan software (included with the system) means that FROGscan  can make pulse measurements in real-time at nearly 4 Hz (32 x 32 grid,  ~115 spectra/second, 1.8 Hz for 64 x 64 grid).
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