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Laser Peak develops and manufactures compact laser systems for applications that require stable CW laser beams at low and medium power at various wavelengths in the UV, VIS and NIR.
Lumerical's software tools comprise:
FDTD Solutions, a 3D/2D Maxwell solver for optical design.
MODE Solutions, a waveguide design environment.
INTERCONNECT, for the simulation and analysis of photonic integrated circuits (PIC).
DEVICE, for modeling charge and heat transport.
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MESA Photonics is the inventor and manufacturer of the FROG Scan, an turn-key instrument for the real-time measurement of the shape and phase of ultrafast laser pulses.
Developer and manufacturer of robust pulsed lasers at a very attractive price point.
Xeryon is a manufacturer of compact and fast precision linear stages and precision rotation stages using ultrasonic technology.
Creator of optics and laser educational kits since 1991. LUHS develops and manufactures in Germany.
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1160 Wien
+43 1 944 2883
Laser Peak GmbH  ::  ::  +43 1 944 2883  ::  Arnethgasse 80, 1160 Vienna, Austria
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