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Welcome to Laser Peak!
Laser Peak is a laser manufacturer and photonics distributor in the heart of Europe. This is what we do:

  • Develop and manufacture DPSS, diode lasers and laser electronics
  • Represent leading photonics companies from North-America and Europe
  • Service and repair lasers and laser/optical test equipment

Laser Peak is located in Vienna, Austria and is both a laser manufacturer and a laser & photonics distributor. Being a manufacturer, Laser Peak is unlike other distributors. Laser Peak possesses the expertise to give knowledgable advice on its suppliers and their products. Perhaps even more important, Laser Peak has the capability to service and repair the lasers and optical test equipment of its US partners. Although Laser Peak is making sure it only cooperates with excellent suppliers, certain components will fail from time to time, and it is comforting to know that defective equipment can be repaired without overseas shipping, as this will save time and money.  
DPSS & diode lasers
Diode & TEC drivers
Ultrafast lasers (fs & ps)
Nanosecond lasers
Design tools for modern photonics
Ultrafast laser characterization
Optics and Laser Educational Kits
Service and repair
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Arnethgasse 80
1160 Wien
+43 1 944 2883
Laser Peak GmbH  ::  ::  +43 1 944 2883  ::  Arnethgasse 80, 1160 Vienna, Austria
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