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Solar Laser Systems Overview

For more than 30 years Solar Laser Systems has been developing and manufacturing robust pulsed lasers at a very attractive price point. Whether it comes to ultrafast lasers or nanosecond lasers, you will not find a better price/performance ratio anywhere. Please contact us for further details.

Tunable lasers
LP600 series of Optical Parametric Oscillators (OPO)
OPO module that can be pumped by various DPSS or lamped-pumped nanosecond lasers at 355 or 532nm.
Tuning ranges 410-2500nm (plus 210-420nm with optional SHG module) and 680-2500nm
High efficiency, low divergence and good beam quality
Manual tuning or PC-controlled tuning with stepper motors

PXT100 series of picosecond tunable OPO
Tunable ultrafast laser, 15ps, 1kHz, up to 80µJ, linewidth < 9cm-1
Tuning range signal 410 - 709nm, idler 710 2300nm
Ultrafast lasers
FX series of turnkey Yb-doped femtosecond lasers
Typ. 150fs/7W/70MHz/1036nm/harmonics up to 259nm

PX100 series of turnkey Yb-doped picosecond lasers
Typ. 10ps/6W/80MHz/1064nm/harmonics up to 355nm

Diode-pumped nanosecond lasers
JX500 series of high average power kHz lasers
Typ. 90ns/25W/3-20kHz/1064nm/harmonics up to 355nm

QX500 series of high pulse energy DPSS lasers
Typ. 10ns/160mJ/20Hz/1064nm/harmonics up to 213nm

JX300 series of compact kHz lasers
Typ. 6ns/10W/1-100kHz/1064nm/harmonics up to 355nm

QC series of microchip lasers
Typ. 0.9ns/400µJ/100-300Hz/1064nm/harmonics up to 266nm
Special wavelength 1540nm

Lamp-pumped nanosecond lasers
LQ929 series of highest pulse energy lasers
Typ. 1500mJ at 5-10Hz, 1064nm/harmonics up to 213nm

LQ830 series of high pulse energy lasers
Typ. 700mJ with narrow linewidth < 0.1 cm-1

LQ629 series of high pulse energy lasers at higher reprate Typ. 200mJ at 100Hz

LQ529 series of compact high pulse energy lasers
Typ. 500mJ at 10Hz

LQ215 series of compact high pulse energy lasers
Typ. 180mJ at 20Hz, 1064nm/harmonics up to 213nm

LQ215-D series of dual-pulse lasers

LQ115 series of air-cooled lamp-pumped lasers
Typ. 90mJ at 3Hz, 1064nm/harmonics up to 266nm
Laser Power Attenuator
Attenuator for laser beams, based on half-wave plate and high contrast Brewster type thin film polarizer.
Also suitable for power YAG lasers and ultrafast lasers.
High damage threshold.

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